On cold Saturday afternoons in the far reaches of the Arctic, Mario.penguin and Luigi.penguin like to get a bit of exercise after spending the week catching fish and following the progress of their favourite operating system. So they jog on down to the secret penguin stadium for a little soccer. Sometimes they get spectators from other planets dropping in, but the creatures in the rocket never come out to play.


(From the Rhodes University CS4 Graphics Page)
In addition to the small daily practicals, you are expected to complete a larger program using a number of the concepts introduced during the course. The guidelines provided are the minimum that should be included, feel free to include anything extra. Individual submissions only, no groups. Submission deadline: 22 March 1999. At the request of members of the class, the deadline has been extended by a week: 29 March 1999.

Produce a web page to describe the final product, containing source code, documentation and screen snapshots. Explain how each requirement of the project is met.

Create a simple virtual environment using OpenGL. Your environment must contain:

  • A surface for virtual organisms to roam around on. This should be at least a planar surface, but greater detail in the form of terrain, or texturing is encouraged.
  • An observer (camera) who moves either in a predefined path which gives a good view of various portions of your world, or can be controlled by the user.
  • Some lights, at least one, which move in some path over the world, and should be represented using a sphere.
  • At least three types of virtual organism which wanders over the world, exhibiting some goal directed behaviour AND/OR interesting methods of locomotion.
  • Other static objects in the world, representing food, shelter or scenery.
  • Use the following mechanisms: texture mapping, hidden surface removal, smooth shading.


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The aliens have landed.
A beter view of "outside".


Download the Linux version. You need:
  • glut
  • mesa

Download the SGI version
Download the SGI version built for Mesa
(so you can run it on an SGI but display it on a PC)

Windows Users start downloading here...

View the source. (One long messy file. Use your browser's Save if you want it.)

You also always need the pics and objects:
(hold shift when clicking in Netscape to force download)

The Making of...

In a nutshell:
  • Started with a simple framework from a prac for reading and displaying a single object
  • Added mouse movement capabilities
  • Got penguin and rocket objects from the AC3D page and converted them to off files
  • Made the code read in the objects
  • Drew in the rest of the scene (the field, walls, roof, lines and goals
  • Hacked obliviously at the lights, material, and textures before running out of time and throwing in the towel
  • Made this page

Matthew Mundell
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Last updated 29 March 1999