A More Focussed Direction

A short presentation of my project idea to the Rhodes VR Special Interest Group has revealed its very wide implementable scope. To bring things down to a maneagable level it was suggested that I choose a small application to implement as a design testbed. A file/network navigation system and an image viewer were some ideas for the application. The emphasis would then be to test the application on a selection of subjects and use the results to refine the design ideas. These refined principles will be the building blocks of the final design of an operating environment.

A further constraint imposed by Corgi is that text is not possible because the facility is not fully functional. This is perhaps a good thing, forcing the specific implementation further from traditional 2D-oriented interaction methods.

It is good to have access to the minds of the experienced.

Matthew Mundell
Email with suggestions or comments welcome.

Last updated 22 March 1999