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Towards a Virtual Operating Environment
Exploring Immersive Virtual Interface Design Using a Simple VR Image Viewer


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Submitted in partial fulfilment

of the requirements of the degree,

Bachelor of Science (Honours)




Rhodes University




Matthew Mundell


This paper explores the virtual interface from a design perspective. A simple virtual reality image viewer application is tested with a variety of users, producing a virtual interface design reference model, and a set of virtual interface design guidelines.


A massive thank you to Shaun Bangay, my supervisor, for priceless guidance.

Thank you to Mike Rorke for help within the CoRgi system and as an expert user, Fred Fourie for help with 3D Studio Max and the CoRgi ase readers, and Colin Dembovski for collision detection that always did work.

Thanks also to the Rhodes VRSIG members, all the testers, the CoRgi documentation team and Phatwax.

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