A pre-built system is available at

for installation on GNU/Linux 32bit x86 systems.

This is a bzip2 tar file that includes all binary and source files and is intended for installation to a directory such as /usr/local/. The following Unix shell commands expand the archive to /usr/local/.

> cd /usr/local/
> tar -xvf /path/to/dist/nightshade-1f.tar.bz2

The program is then in the bin/ directory, so

> /usr/local/bin/nightshade

starts the command line, and

> /usr/local/bin/nightshade -edit


> /usr/local/bin/ne

starts the X editor. The terminal version of the editor needs a termcap file, as detailed in Local Setup.

Installation also works fine to locations other than /usr/local/, such as a temporary directory in a user's home directory. It is easiest to preserve the layout of the installed directories, as the system looks for startup files relative to the location of the startup program.

After installation the site initialization file is at lib/nightshade/site-init.lisp (/usr/local/lib/nightshade/site-init.lisp in the example above).